Mataas na palitan ng kahit anong Foreign Currency sa kahit saang Villarica branch. We make money changing simple para sa inyo.

Please refer to the rates below or ask your nearest Villarica branch for the currencies that we can convert and their corresponding rates.


AS OF September 22, 2023  9:56 am



US Dollar (USD)


Euro (EUR)


Japanese Yen (JPY)


Australian Dollar (AUD)


Canadian Dollar (CAD)


Sterling Pound (GBP)


Hongkong Dollar (HKD)


Singaporean Dollar (SGD)



Rates are indicative, and may vary per branch and time of day. Visit or contact the nearest Villarica Pawnshop branch for the actual rates.+

Terms & Conditions

VILLARICA is a company that runs a money exchange business. Money exchange services are provided at selected VILLARICA branches nationwide. 
Updated Compliance Manual on Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Program (MTPP). 

All parties and transactions under VILLARICA Money changer are subject to MTPP laws and Villarica policies, including Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. As part of KYC, customers with relevant business transactions are required to fill out a Customer Information Sheet (CIS) and present a valid ID. A picture of the customer and his/her ID shall also be taken. Questions and additional documents may be requested from customers in compliance with KYC rules. Villarica and its employees reserve the right to refuse to accept any foreign exchange transaction which in their sole discretion, may be in violation of AML-TFP laws, rules, or regulations, or other applicable laws. They shall not be liable for refusal of this nature.

FACE TO FACE TRANSACTIONS. Money changing transactions may only be done face to face and over the counter at regular business hours at any VILLARICA branches all over the Philippines (unless there is closure of VILLARICA branches with or without prior notice), subject to power and telecommunications failure, computer, gadgets, and connectivity failure, and inclement weather, and the like.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES AND COMPUTATION. The foreign exchange rates applicable for the day may change without prior notice. Customers should understand, consent to, and check the foreign exchange computation at the counter before the Villarica  personnel gives the equivalent amount in pesos.
RIGHT TO EXAMINE BANK NOTES. The customer allows VILLARICA personnel to check the validity and authenticity of the bank notes. Only banknotes which, in the VILLARICA personnel’s sole discretion, are acceptable and not demonetized will be considered for exchange. VILLARICA reserves the right to refuse a foreign exchange transaction when, in its sole discretion, it determines that the bill is not acceptable or demonetized. VILLARICA and its employees shall not be liable for refusal of this nature.
RIGHT TO CONFISCATE SUSPECTED FAKE BANK NOTES. Villarica and its employees have the right to confiscate any foreign bank notes which its personnel suspect to be counterfeit, for submission to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Currency Issue and Integrity Oce (CIIO). The customer shall be given a document stating that his/her bank note is suspected to be fake and will be submitted to the BSP CIIO for verification. Customer details and the details of the transaction will be recorded for use in any investigation or reports which may be required. Villarica and its employees will not return any suspected counterfeit foreign bank notes until the same is cleared by the BSP CIIO. VILLARICA and its employees shall be presumed to have acted in good faith under this policy. If the BSP CIIO certifies that the foreign bank notes are counterfeit, the same shall be destroyed and the customer who presented it for exchange shall bear the loss. If the BSP CIIO certifies that the foreign bank notes are legal and valid, VILLARICA shall retain the subject foreign bank notes and give the equivalent amount in Philippine pesos to the customer, using the exchange rate on the date of confiscation or the date of actual exchange, whichever is higher. Any amount due to the customer under this item 6 shall not bear interest.
CANCELLATION. Once the VILLARICA personnel has given the equivalent amount in peso and the customer’s Money Changing (MC) Acknowledgement Receipt, the foreign exchange transaction may no longer be cancelled. A foreign exchange transaction where the foreign bank note/s is/are confiscated because it is suspected to be counterfeit, may not be cancelled. 
CHECKING OF AMOUNTS GIVEN. Customers are responsible to immediately check upon receipt the amount of pesos given to them against the foreign exchange computation provided to them at the counter. The moment they leave the premises of the VILLARICA Money Changer location without any complaint, they acknowledge that the amounts given and the foreign exchange computation are correct.
For the first-time customers, Villarica Pawnshop permits transactions even in the following bracket without an ID. USD – 500, EURO – 500, YEN – 5000, AUD – 500, CAD – 500, HKD – 500, SGD – 500, CNY – 500, CHF – 500. 
Regardless of the amount of transaction, if clients are operating in the money service business. VIllarica Pawnshop requests proof of ownership such as Business Permits, BSP Certificate, Amla Certificate and valid identification Cards of all its authorized person.
Villarica Pawnshop prohibits over-the-counter payments on a single individual that would equal 500,001 pesos in one banking day.